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Exhibition Training

We’ve been helping live event organisers and trade show exhibitors prepare for their chosen events for a long time, providing professional support in the planning and execution of their pre-show marketing, their onsite activities and their post-show follow-up.

We have gained many insights into the problems organisations encounter while trying to create a successful show experience. 

This is why we’ve condensed our knowledge into a training programme of practical steps exhibitors can take to ensure they have the best show possible. 

How it works.

Our 8-Point Plan, will show exhibitors how to agree realistic goals, set achievable objectives, define their audience, set budgets, write action plans, select delivery channels, measure performance and effectively follow up their contacts. If followed it will ensure participants have a successful trade show experience and deliver an increased return on investment (ROI).

The training is flexible and can be delivered as a stand alone programme, or as part of a wider Exhibitor Day.

It normally takes a full day to deliver, but it can be compressed into a half-day overview if required. We can tailor the content to focus on those areas which you deem more important to your exhibitors or features that are specific to your show.

The training can take place at our offices here in London or at a location of your choosing and is supported with slide presentations, backed up by notes and practical exercises which attendees can take away at the end of the day.


Full Day Training

Our full day training programme is designed to give your exhibitors the tools they will need to exhibit successfully at your trade show.

The programme introduces exhibitors to our 8-point plan, taking them through each stage in detail with accompanying notes and exercises.

Exercises include individual questionnaires, group discussions and activities and summary handouts.

The programe takes approximately 6hrs to complete and includes two coffee breaks of 15 minutes each and 1 lunch break of an hour.

Half Day Training

Our half day training programme is designed to give your exhibitors an overview of the tools they will need to exhibit successfully at your trade show.

The programme outlines our 8-point plan in two presentations. the first covers strategy and planning with the second focused on promotion and follow up. Attendees will begin to build a picture of the opportunities open to them and the actions they could take through open group discussion.

The programe takes approximately 3hrs to complete and includes one coffee break of 15 minutes.

Exhibitor Open Days

As part of a wider exhibitor experience we work directly with your venue to produce your own experiential exhibitor open day.

Built with shell scheme they can purchase for their own stands, the mini exhibition features the hotels, restaurants and bars local to the venue, the operational support teams, stand designers, furniture suppliers along with many of the event support companies they will deal with in the run up to their own show. The day is backed up with live presentations from many of the organisations taking part as well as our 8-point plan for a successful event.

Please contact us directly if you want to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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