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Automated Campaigns

Imagine being able to connect with your target audience across multiple channels from a single source. Imagine if your audience could make choices within your campaign that could be tracked and logged as they happen. Imagine the content of your campaign instantly changing to reflect those choices, delivering fresh, tailored, relevant content immediately. Image if this could be done not just with the text you're writing but with any element of the campaign collateral! Then, imagine if all this could be fed back seamlessly to your CRM system, to your sales people and to your marketing team for immediate action?.

Now imagine if this could all be done automatically, without the need for you to modify content or data - leaving you free to manage the rest of your campaign? 

Our automated, responsive campaigns are designed to do all that and more.

We deliver specific messaging targeted at pre-defined sectors of your audience. By automating their deployment across your chosen channels you will see a significant upturn in responses.

Traditionally this type of campaign has required the purchase of expensive software licenses and lengthy system training. Our service breaks down these barriers to entry by providing a unique "pay as you go" model supported by our personal campaign management. Developed in conjunction with Multi Channel Machine our model allows you to immediately produce effective cross platform campaigns using our fully managed services.

Our system can be linked to all your current technology, from your website content management (CMS) to your customer relationship management (CRM).

We provide campaign coverage through online promotion, e-mail, social media, and printed direct marketing solutions, which link to your exisitng website or monitored micro-site experiences driving visitor engagement and improving customer retention.

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How does it work?

Each campaign is a unique, responsive, automated process, taking into account your current working practices, your resources and your goals for the event.

Our team will work with you to identify your goals, your target audience, the touch points you wish to use as well as your measurements for success.

Once a campaign is implemented all you need to do is add new data at the top and monitor progress as it happens.

Below is a simplified look at how a campaign might work.


Want to Know More?

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